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Vast solar system found 127 light years away

August 27, 2010


The five strongest signals corresponded to planets with Neptune-like masses, between 13 and 25 times that of the Earth. These planets, with orbit periods ranging from six to 600 days, are separated from their star at 0.06 to 1.4 times the distance between the Earth and sun. Dr Lovis added: ”We also have good reasons […]

Ancient Crocodile Was No Bigger Than a House Cat

August 15, 2010


The crocodile, known as Pakasuchus, was much smaller than today’s version. An adult was about the size of a house cat, with a head less than three inches long. Pakasuchus is one of several species of crocodiles from the time period thought to have a mammalian dental structure. The crocodiles lived in Gondwana, a landmass […]